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Population Size Checkpoint The four key factors that produce changes in population size include: births, deaths, immigration, and emigration. The first and most obvious reason for population size would be birth; this is caused by populations of humans and animals reproducing faster than they die. This calculation is called the growth rate and the same goes for deaths as goes for births. If a population has more deaths than births the population goes down. This is measured by taking 1000 people per year and seeing how many births they produce; then another 1000 people are taken to see how many deaths occur from those 1000 individuals. The results are calculated and in there are more deaths the population goes down and if there are more births it goes up. Another factor that produces change in population size is immigration. This is the process of individuals migrating from one location to another, thus increasing the
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Unformatted text preview: population in that certain area. The fourth factor that controls population size is emigration. This is when an individual or group of individuals migrates from one place to another. Different from immigration, emigration is the action of migration to decrease the size of a population instead of increasing. The factors affecting population size in the video are immigration and births. Since the nutrias are outside of their natural habitat they have migrated, this is why the landscape and resources are being damaged. The other issue is that the nutrias also breed as fast as rabbits; this means one female can produce up to 40 young and those offspring can start to reproduce themselves in just 6 months. The manner in which the nutrias are destroying the landscape and resources, I predict the nutria will being to die off and the population will decrease....
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