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Unformatted text preview: Terrestrial Resource Plan Checkpoint Checkpoint By: Jose Gonzalez Description of Terrestrial Issue Description The United States produces more solid waste The than any other country on the planet. The average person in the United States The produces 2kg (4.4 lbs.) of solid waste a day. produces The US averages about 200 million metric tons The of waste a year. of Management Plan Management Developing new and better ways of disposing Developing waste. waste. Using waste as a renewable source of energy. Creating facilities to properly maintain waste Creating disposal. disposal. Sustainment Plan Sustainment Newer and safer models of incinerators. Facilities to properly house these new Facilities incinerators. incinerators. New pollution control devices for these New facilities. facilities. Challenges Challenges Sponsorship and funding for development. Finding appropriate site locations. Slightly increasing the cost of waste disposal. Implications Implications New sources of energy Faster disposal of waste No more landfills Less air pollution Less use of fossil fuels ...
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