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SCI-275 WK8 CP1 - renewable energies first off is getting...

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Energy Resource Challenges Checkpoint The renewable energy sources presented in the video clip include wind power, solar energy, and biomass fermentation. The first source the video explains is wind power; this energy is harnessed by windmills which are activated by the wind to produce a renewable source of energy. This source was thought to be a good idea but not a real solution. In recent years though, wind power has become a more competitive source of energy in the industry. The second renewable source the video talks about is solar power. Solar power is the use of extracted sunlight which is converted into energy. The use of solar power has always been available but, recently there has been an improvement to better utilize this energy. The third source is biomass fermentation; this is the uses of grains and other woodchip like material converted into a liquid called methanol. Challenges of these
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Unformatted text preview: renewable energies, first off is getting the public to convert to these new sources of power. Having to constantly rely on the sun and wind for energy will also be a problem. As for management of these sources, there should not be too many problems as long as routine maintenance is properly performed on these devices. One renewable source not mentioned in the video is incineration to energy. This is the process of converting waste into a renewable energy source. Incineration also helps eliminate waste which can be difficult to dispose of. Three challenges of nonrenewable energies include cost, reliance, and limitation. These sources make us reliant upon other countries, while at the same time making the cost of our energy more expensive day by day. There is also only so much fossil fuel to go around and eventually we will deplete these sources and need new solutions....
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