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0. Guidance Note - this knowledge is essential You should...

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A Note on the Supplementary Materials on Probability and Statistics Operations managers must make all sorts of decisions in their work. These decisions often involve parameters that are not given or known with certainty; these parameters often vary according to certain probability distributions. Therefore, an operations manager must utilize some basic and fundamental level of probability and statistical knowledge. For this reason, I have prepared and put together a set of 5 presentations that would equip you with what you need to know to grasp the essence of pertaining material in the course where
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Unformatted text preview: this knowledge is essential. You should review these materials first and then you may refer to these throughout the course. In reviewing this material to prepare yourself in a systematic manner, my recommendation is that you review theses in the following order (these are the title of the material as they appear in each set): 1. Why Statistics? 2. Introduction to Statistics. 3. Introduction to probability. 4. Data and Statistics. 5. Methods for Describing Data....
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