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Simple Array Process

Simple Array Process - If Salaries[x> Mean Then Set Count...

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Declare Employee Names[100], Salaries[100]  Set x=1  Set Sum=0  Set Mean =0  Display "Enter the number of Employees"  input Employees Count  FOR x = 1 to Employees Count DO             Display "Enter the Employee Name and salary"       input Name, salary       Set Employee Names[x]=Name       Set Salaries[x]=salary       Set Sum=Sum + salary  END FOR  Set Mean=Sum/Employees Count  Set Count Above =0  Set Count Below=0  FOR x = 1 to Employees Count DO 
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Unformatted text preview: If Salaries[x] > Mean Then Set Count Above = Count Above + 1 End If If Salaries[x] < Mean Then Set Count Below = Count Below + 1 End If END FOR Display "The Average Salary is: $"+Mean Display "The number of Salaries Above the Average Salary is:"+CntAbove Display "The number of Salaries Below the Average Salary is:"+CntBelow...
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