Nixon’s Politics

Nixon’s Politics - race also entailed an...

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One of President Nixon’s major political concerns was the conflict that the United States was having with the Soviet Union. Ever since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, the soviets had expanded their nuclear weaponry, which was cause for alarm throughout the rest of the world. The strategies against this weaponry were hostile from the beginning of the cold war. This hostility showed itself in the form of the technological race . The technological race was basically an unspoken competition between the United States and United Soviet Socialist Republic. to demonstrate who was a stronger nation. The technological
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Unformatted text preview: race also entailed an arms race, which of course, was a race to build machinery, weaponry, and large armed forces. Rather than using military force Nixon thought it was more effective to use diplomatic communications to maintain good relations with the Soviet Union, and skirt war. Not only could war between the 2 nations be avoided, but this way the Soviet Union could become allies with the United States....
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