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TAM 212 Sample Exam 2. October 8 2004, Closed Book, Open 3" x5" crib card, No calculators 1) A circular racetrack of radius D/2 is banked in order to decrease the tendency of a speeding car to skid sideways. If the car is going a constant speed V, what banking angle θ is required in order that the car not skid sideways. Draw a good free body diagram indicating all forces acting on the car. Neglect friction. 2) The truck accelerates with a thrust of 6000 N. There is a coefficient of friction μ = 0.1 between the crate and the truck. Draw good Free Body Diagrams for both truck and crate. The crate starts a distance d = 3 meters from the back of the truck. How much time is it until the crate slides off? Take g = 10m/sec 2 . 3) The indicated mass is acted on by the spring (of stiffness k) and by gravity.
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Unformatted text preview: The spring is initially unstretched. The mass m is attached to the spring and then allowed to drop. What is the distance it falls before the spring brings it to a halt? 4) A car of mass 50 slugs moving at speed v to the right collides head on with a truck of mass 100 slugs moving at a speed of 50ft/sec to the left. After the collision the two vehicles stick together and move together at a speed of 10ft/sec to the left. What was the speed, v, of the car before the collision? _____________________________________________________________________ PE g = mg z; PE sp = (1/2)kx 2 ; ; T=(1/2)mv 2 a r = r r 2 ; a = r + 2r ; a n = v 2 / ; a t = s...
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