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Name STUDENT ID Number KEY FIRST MIDTERM EXAM Spring Quarter, 2002 This exam should consist of __pages (including this top page); please check that your exam is complete. Write your name in the space provided on each page . Please write your answers only in the spaces provided on each page. You may use the back of the pages as a “scratch sheet”, but we will not grade anything written on the back of the page. The exam has a total of 126 points; allot time to each question based upon its point value, and budget your time carefully. You have 50 minutes, so you should spend at most one minute for each two points (you might want to leave a little time at the end for checking over your answers). FIRST SECTION : MULTIPLE CHOICE . PLEASE BUBBLE IN YOUR CHOICES ON THE SCANTRON SHEET USING A NUMBER 2 PENCIL. ALSO, PLEASE CIRCLE YOUR CHOICE ON THE EXAM ITSELF. SECOND SECTION: SHORT ANSWER: PLEASE USE A PEN . ONLY EXAMS WRITTEN IN PEN CAN BE SUBMITTED FOR REGRADE REQUESTS! The exam will end at 2:15 PM. Good luck!
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Name:__________________ First Midterm Exam: April 22, 2002 Page 2 of 6 Student points:_____________ MULTIPLE CHOICE SECTION 1. (5 pts) Darwin’s theory of evolution rests on three conditions (choose one): a. variation, heredity, and differential reproductive success b. mutation, recombination, and natural selection c. heredity, differential reproductive success, and environmental change d. variation, mutation, and heredity e. none of the above 2. (5 pts) Salmon farmers in the north Atlantic have recently begun to put “acoustic harassment devices” (AHDs) on their pens in order to scare seals away. Initially, the sound produced by these AHDs does seem to scare seals away, but over time the sound loses it’s effect and the seals come back. This is an example of (choose one): a. sensitization b. habituation c. operant conditioning d. associative learning e. none of the above 3. (5 pts) Short-term memory does NOT involve (choose one): a. transcription b. translation c. phosphorlylation d. a. and b. e. none of the above 4. (5 pts) Imprinting of bird offspring on their parents is common in birds that (choose one): a. stay in the nest until fledging b. are extremely vocal c. leave the nest and walk around while still young d. do not fly e. none of the above 5. (5 pts) In stalk-eyed flies, is there a genetic correlation between the length of the eye stalk in males and female preference for male eye-stalk length? (choose one) a. No, genetic correlation does not measure association between phenotypic traits, only association between genotypic traits. b.
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