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CpEHW3 - written by you and reflect your own personal...

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Homework 3 CpE 360 – Computational Algorithms and Data Structures Instructor: Ashish Patel Due on November 9, 2006 All solutions must be submitted per email at [email protected] by 12:00PM November 9, 2006. I will prefer only softcopy through email. No hard copy required. No late submission will be taken into consideration! Any homework submitted per email must contain full student’s name and description which homework has been submitted. The work you turn in must be your own personal work, composed and written by you. If you discuss a problem with a fellow student, you must mention this clearly in your homework (name and the fellow student before the solution of the problem). Your work will then be compared to the other student’s work to verify that your solution was
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Unformatted text preview: written by you and reflect your own personal effort. If you don’t report it, it will be considered a violation of the course rule. Note: Solutions must be concise, complete and must include pledge of the Honor system. Binary Search Write a C++ or Java program to implement Binary Search algorithm for an array. Chose any sorted integer array of size not less than 15. (i.e. array should have at least 15 integer elements.) Submit your working code with output screenshots. You should structure, indent and comment your program appropriately. There will be credit for the neatness of your program along those lines as well as for the neatness, correctness and "beauty" of the output....
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