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Tut_4 - Q5 Now implement the Bubble Sort algorithm Q6 And...

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Programming & Data Structures Tutorial 4 Q1. Manually perform Bubble Sort on the following list of numbers. 21 30 57 5 3 23 54 12 42 26 7 Q2. Now perform Selection Sort on the numbers. Q3. Now manually perform Binary search on the numbers. (Remember the restriction). (i) Find the number 30 (ii) Find the number 5 Q4. Write a function that implements the Selection Sort algorithm that was done in class. Use your notes if necessary.
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Unformatted text preview: Q5. Now implement the Bubble Sort algorithm. Q6. And last but not least implement the Insertion Sort algorithm. Q7. Now put all 3 sorting algorithms into a package (i.e. sort.h) so that they may be reused again if necessary. Write a small client program to test each sort algorithm. Don’t forget to import your sort package....
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