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Unformatted text preview: Stevens Institute of Technology E234 - Thermodynamics Solution 2 Homework 1. A cannon-ball of 5 kg acts as a piston in a cylinder of 0.15 m diameter. As the gunpowder is burned a pressure of 7 MPa is created in the gas behind the ball. What is the acceleration of the ball if the cylinder (cannon) is pointing horizontally? 2. A 2.5 m tall steel cylinder has a cross sectional area of 1.5 m 2. At the bottom with a height of 0.5 m is liquid water on top of which is a 1 m high layer of gasoline. The gasoline surface is exposed to atmospheric air at 101 kPa. What is the highest pressure in the water? 3. A water-heater is covered up with insulation boards over a total surface area of 3 m 2. The inside board surface is at 75°C and the outside surface is at 20°C and the board material has a conductivity of 0.08 W/m K. How thick a board should it be to limit the heat transfer loss to 200 W ? Spring 2009 4. A large condenser (heat exchanger) in a power plant must transfer a total of 100 MW from steam running in a pipe to sea water being pumped through the heat exchanger. Assume the wall separating the steam and seawater is 4 mm of steel, conductivity 15 W/m K and that a maximum of 5°C difference between the two fluids is allowed in the design. Find the required minimum area for the heat transfer neglecting any convective heat transfer in the flows. Steady conduction through the 4mm steel wall. Spring 2009 ...
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