Dice - CS 1050, Dr. Tucker Spring 2009

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Unformatted text preview: CS 1050, Dr. Tucker Spring 2009 //******************************************************************** // Die.java Author: Lewis and Loftus, Java Software Solutions, 3 rd ed // Represents one die (singular of dice) with faces showing values // between 1 and the number of faces on the die. //******************************************************************** public class Die { private final int MIN_FACES = 4; private int numFaces; // number of sides on the die private int faceValue; // current value showing on the die //----------------------------------------------------------------- // Defaults to a six-sided die, initially showing 1. //----------------------------------------------------------------- public Die () { numFaces = 6; faceValue = 1; } //----------------------------------------------------------------- // Explicitly sets the size of the die. Defaults to a size of // six if the parameter is invalid. Initial face is 1....
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