Schedule CIS 1010 - Blackboard Learning System 1/23/10 2:29...

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1/23/10 2:29 PM Blackboard Learning System Page 1 of 6…meSet.dowebct%3Fforward=manageCourse.dowebct%26lcid=7648121705011 Schedule Important Information You will use a series of files to complete the assignments, Tutorials (numbered steps) and Skills Reviews in this class. You will download these files in Assignment 1. Click on the underlined Assignment Number at the far left in the Schedule below for detailed instructions for completing each assignment. Be sure to rename your files as stated in the directions when you first open them so the original file remains intact in case you need to delete the file you are currently working on and start over. This Schedule has all the assignments due in the course. It states what pages to read in the text book; what pages and dates the exams are on; what pages to work through in the Tutorials; what pages the Skills Review assignments are on; the names of the completed files you are to print out and turn in for credit; and the dates all of the assignments are due (on the far right side.) The software books state the names of the files you are to open from the ones you downloaded from the Web site. Please note that exams must be taken at the Testing Center on campus . To pass the course you must take a minimum of three exams --the fourth one is optional--regardless of your total points. Unless otherwise directed, print the final version of all documents you create in both the Tutorials and Skills Reviews from the software books. The "Project Disk" mentioned in the tutorials is merely the disk on which you download (copy) and save files. This can be a hard drive, memory stick, or other storage device. Note that several assignments might be due on the same date; Tutorials are worth five
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Schedule CIS 1010 - Blackboard Learning System 1/23/10 2:29...

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