Syllabus CIS 1010 - Syllabus 2:28 PM Syllabus Learning...

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1/23/10 2:28 PM Syllabus Page 1 of 8 Syllabus Learning Objectives Course Requirements Textbooks Get the most out of this course Suitability for Online Getting Credit for Homework Assignment Information About Deadlines Exam Policies Academic Dishonesty NC Policy Incomplete Notation Religious Holidays Disabilities Accommodations Technical Assistance Course Description Introduction to Computers is a beginning microcomputer course which emphasizes basic information about micros and their uses in the business world. Hands-on experience with word processing, spreadsheets, database, and business presentations on IBM/Compatible microcomputers is included. The material is designed for the first course in microcomputers. No prior experience is expected nor required for success in this course. The ability to type is a definite plus. Grades A 337-375 B 300-336 C 262-299 D 225-261 Credits 3 semester hours Prerequisites None Grading Criteria Grades will be determined from assignments, tutorials, skills reviews, and examinations. An A in the course will consist of 90% of the total points possible; a B will be 80%; a C 70%; a D 60% and an F will be below 60% of possible points. Learning Objectives Upon completion of this course you will be able to: Operate a microcomputer at MSCD and/or at home perform typical interactive operations using a graphical user interface (Windows 2000, Windows XP or Vista). create and develop a file of formatted text using a word processing program
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1/23/10 2:28 PM Syllabus Page 2 of 8 use a spreadsheet program utilize a spelling checker and a thesaurus create and develop typical graphical representations of data from a spreadsheet create a very small database describe the hardware, software, and concepts required for computer communications learn about on-line research through the Internet [Back to top] Course Requirements To do the computer assignments from home, you need a computer running, Windows XP (with critical updates installed), or Vista. If you don’t know which operating system you have or which updates you have installed Click here and scan for Windows Updates . If you buy the bundled books for this course at the Auraria bookstore, you will get the full version of Office 2007 which will be active for six months. You must have Microsoft Office 2007 Professional software (with Office updates installed). The Professional Edition includes Access. Click here for Office Update. Also check out
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Syllabus CIS 1010 - Syllabus 2:28 PM Syllabus Learning...

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