Welcome CIS 1010 - Blackboard Learning System 2:21 PM...

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1/23/10 2:21 PM Blackboard Learning System Page 1 of 3 http://metrostate.blackboard.com:80/webct/cobaltMainFrame.dowebct…meSet.dowebct%3Fforward=manageCourse.dowebct%26lcid=7648121705011 Welcome Introduction to Computers Important Information Popup windows are used in this course. If you are using a popup blocker please turn it off (disable) NOW. For your convenience in the course, links to various topics are contained in the Course Content menu on the left side of the screen and are displayed as icons on the Home page. Use the navigation method that works best for you. Before you begin be sure to "Check Browser" at the top of your log in screen. If you have any red "Xs", your computer is not properly set up to work with Vista. Contact the Help desk at 1-877-352-7548. Please email me if there is anything you don't understand or anything seems wrong. My email address, office location, and office hours are posted on the Professor link located on the Home Page. I suggest that you print out the Syllabus, the class Schedule, and this Welcome page so you will always have them even if the system goes down. Also, it is a good idea to get all the files you need for the semester at the beginning. (You can download them in Assignment 1.) I would like to emphasize a few points: 1. When sending an email to me, please put your name and course name in the Subject line, as Mary Smith, CIS1010. I have several online classes and it gets confusing. (Do this during the entire course, not just the first week.) We get a lot of Spam in our school email and I don’t open mail that doesn’t contain a CIS course
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This note was uploaded on 05/25/2010 for the course CIS 1010 taught by Professor Larsen during the Spring '10 term at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

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Welcome CIS 1010 - Blackboard Learning System 2:21 PM...

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