L03-2010 - BioNB222 Cornell University Spring 2010 Joseph...

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BioNB222 Spring 2010 Cornell University Joseph Fetcho Lecture 03. Resting Potential Reading Assignment Purves, D. , Augustine, G. J., Fitzpatrick, Hall, W.C. LaMantia, A.-S., McNamara, J.O. and White, L. E. (2008) Neuroscience. Sinauer Associates, Inc. Sunderland, Mass. Chapter 2, 3. Learning Objectives: 1. To learn how the membrane potential changes when several ions are permeable, as described by the Goldman equation. 2. To learn how the properties of a membrane influence how the potential across the membrane changes with time and with distance along a process. These are the so –called passive properties of the membrane. 3. To learn the equations for the time and length constants with a focus on their functional importance and their application. Lecture Outline 1. Goldman equation. The Nernst potential describes an equilibrium potential when only one ion is permeable. Things are more complicated in neurons because the membrane can be permeable to multiple ions and the permeabilities can change in response to inputs from other neurons and changes in membrane voltage. A . Intuitively, if the permeability to an ion goes up, then we might expect that the membrane potential of a cell will move toward the equilibrium potential of that ion. B. This idea that the membrane potential (V m ) at any time is governed by the equilibrium potentials of the individual ions along with their relative permeabilities is described quantitatively by the Goldman equation. V
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L03-2010 - BioNB222 Cornell University Spring 2010 Joseph...

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