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Rotating Images

Rotating Images - Rotating Images 2:25 PM Rotating Images...

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5/25/10 2:25 PM Rotating Images Page 1 of 1 http://www-rcf.usc.edu/~trinagre/itp104/lectures/RotatingImages.html Rotating Images There is not an "easy" way to rotate through images using Dreamweaver, but I have some code you can add. 1. Add javascript code in the head element 2. Add or change the onload attribute in the body tag 3. Add an image in your HTML page 4. Example Add javascript code in the head element You put the following javascript code within the head element in the <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> section. <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> seconds = "2"; function imgOne() { document.myimg.src = 'images/image1.jpg'; setTimeout("imgTwo()", seconds * 1000); } function imgTwo() { document.myimg.src = 'images/image2.jpg'; setTimeout("imgThree()", seconds * 1000); } function imgThree() { document.myimg.src = 'images/image3.jpg'; setTimeout("imgOne()", seconds * 1000); } </style> Add or change the onload attribute in the body tag Add the following attribute to your body tag: onload="imgOne();" Example: <body class="oneColFixCtrHdr" onload="imgOne();">
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