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5/25/10 2:26 PM Spans Page 1 of 1 Spans <span> elements give you a way to logically separate inline content in the same way that <div> s allow you to create logical separation for block level content. It is used to group together related inline elements and text. You can add <span> elements to classes (or give <span> elements unique ids) to style them. Examples In my resume , I used <span> elements to change the style of my dates
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Unformatted text preview: of employment. Want to display the following: Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory Add <span> s to the text that you want to affect. <span class="booktitle">Game Engine Architecture<span> by <span class="bookauthor">Jason Gregory<span> In the style sheet, add a rule for each new class - booktitle and bookauthor: .booktitle { color: #4B0082; } .bookauthor { font-style: italic; } Updated March 2010...
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