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5/25/10 2:55 PM Photoshop Quick Keys Page 1 of 1 Reasons For Short Cuts Allows more time for creative thinking, and less time dedicated to working the program You might have a short time frame to edit an image These make the program easier to use Extra Help Support Link Basic Photoshop Help Photoshop Quick Keys Photoshop Quick Keys New Document: command/apple sign + N Print: command/apple sign + P Open a Docuemt: command/apple sign + O To Erase Background: Double click on background layer (this unlocks the layer), use the wond tool to select the desired area and press delete. To manipulate an image or placed document: command/apple sign + T 1. To maintain the images proportions while moving: hold down SHIFT Black Arrow: press the letter V White Arrow: press the letter A Pen tool: press the letter P Text tool: command/apple sign + T 1. Make Text Smaller:Shift+command/apple sign+ < 2. Make Test Larger:Shift+comman/apple sign+ >
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