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Web Browsers & Servers

Web Browsers & Servers - Web Browsers Servers 2:55...

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5/25/10 2:55 PM Web Browsers & Servers Page 1 of 2 http://www-scf.usc.edu/~janehpar/itp104/Webservers.html Web Browser & Web Server Client/ Server Model A computer wanting to access the Internet is the client Other computers are the servers (or hosts) waiting for requests Servers provide services to the clients such as delivering web pages, handling email, etc. For the World Wide Web, the client is the web browser on your computer and the server is a host computer located somewhere on the Internet Client's browser sends HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests to a host server Host computer runs the server software that reads the request and performs the asked- for services (for example, web server software enables the host to locate requested page & return it) The World Wide Web Client/ server model Web browser on your machine is the client Your browser connects to a server and requests a page Server software (Web server) runs on a webhost The server sends back the requested page How the World Wide Web Works
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