A doula story - -heart rate monitor-Breastfeeding-slow drip...

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A doula story In this documentary of pregnancy in teenagers, a doula is Greek for a midwife or a life coach. These are used for low-income poverty stricken societies so that teenagers don’t have to go through it all alone. The technocracy of medicine today is outrageous. Compared to the 1980’s, technology has come a long way. As far as a more holistic medical experience, this is dissipating as technology continues to modernize our society. People of from religious backgrounds are more likely to continue using a more holistic method when it comes to delivering their child. Below is a list of technocratic vs. holistic types of medicine that I noticed in the film and then I compared it to my pregnancy and birthing experience. Holistic Technocratic What I did -Talking to child -heart rate monitor -epidural -Reading -epidurals -breathing -Music -catheter -birth control -Balance ball -birth control -breastfed -Breathing -bottle feeding -bottle fed -doula/birthing coach -induction -catheter -Parenting classes
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Unformatted text preview: -heart rate monitor-Breastfeeding-slow drip induction I found that when I went in to give birth to my son that I wasn’t ready at all, I thought I was until the drastic things started. I don’t think anyone is every ready to give birth or be a parent until they are actually being faced with the reality. Honestly, if people don’t want to go the more holistic route they don’t have to unless it is too late for the drugs. I used the more technocratic because I couldn’t follow the holistic method. I was preeclampsia and had to deliver early otherwise I would have died. I tried to go all of the way without but sometimes it just isn’t possible. When one of the teen moms used birth as a birth control method, I thought that was a great idea especially since she had three kids already. I say if you can do it the more holistic way more power to you. As technology modernizes I am sure we will be taking more and more advantage of it especially if it is less painful on our end....
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A doula story - -heart rate monitor-Breastfeeding-slow drip...

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