Gender and Anthropology 110

Gender and Anthropology 110 - The term gender and an...

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The term gender and an anthropologist do not go back very far. Anthropologists started studying gender in the twentieth century. Kinship and social reproduction are very discerning in the discipline’s early concern of gender. Anthropologists first kept their focus on smaller societies and communities where kinship was the main provision of the organizing structure of production. Kinship studies showed that production and reproduction are implicated processes. The relationship between the two is sustained by principles of difference. In this difference gender and kinship were set in stone as being different. Anthropologists realized that not only needed to study the kinship of people but the gender of people as well. Gender differences among male and female are influenced by the societal norms of people and their tribes. When an anthropologist goes into a village, for example, in the Himalayas, where women would have to marry all of the brothers in a family, they examine the gender differences between the men and women. Why don’t the men marry all of the women, that sort of differences? The gender identity problem that people may or may not have can come at any time in a person’s life. Take the movie, Mi Vie en Rose, for example, where a seven year old is a girl trapped in a boy’s body. The differences in gender between this a say a regular person is slim to none. It is hard to comprehend why people feel this way about themselves, heck it is even hard to comprehend why
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Gender and Anthropology 110 - The term gender and an...

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