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social change paper anthro 110

social change paper anthro 110 - Jennifer Hut t...

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Jennifer Hutt Anthropology 110 May 13 th , 2010 Social Change Paper When we think of social change in a culture and social organization or structure, we assume it is just a transformation over a great deal of time. Today, social change is made up of social, political, economical, and cultural changes in a society or a certain group of people. Social change has four main characteristics; it happens everywhere, but the rate of change varies from place to place, social change is sometimes intentional but often unplanned, it often generates major controversy, and some changes matter more than others do. (Macionis 1996) The introduction of a new thing into a culture or society is known as innovation. A good example of innovation would be Catholics and the use of birth control. They are now using it to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. (Shea 2010) Diffusion in a certain culture is the spread of ideas from one culture to another. A great example of diffusion would be when the United States observes other cultures such as the food they eat, the clothes they wear and the language they use and takes it and makes it their own or intertwines it within their culture. Belgium is about the size of the state of Maine. It wasn’t until 1830 that Belgium became the name of the country. Inequality is the major social movement that splits the North and South parts of Belgium and has been since it was decided to be split up. The Tricontinental Centre in Belgium was created to help in
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the debate on the future of the North and the South relationships. It helped to circulate proposals for alternatives to economic, political, and the cultural system that created
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