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Sikkim Manipal University Q 1. What is software? What are the applications of software? Answer: Software: A software refers to instructions which when executed provide desired function and performance and data structures that enable the programs to adequately manipulate information, and documents describing the operation and the use of the software. It refers to a set of instructions also known as program. Software Applications: The application of software is based on the nature of instructions in a particular area. If the set of instructions are structured well it is appropriate to develop software for such application. Development becomes easy and convenient depending on the degree of structure. Higher the degree better it is to develop the software for such applications. Information content and determinacy play an important role in determining the nature of a software application. Content means the form of incoming and outgoing information. Information determinacy refers to the predictions of the order and timing of information. It is difficult to develop generic categories for software applications. The following software areas indicate potential applications. System software: It is a collection of programs written to serve other programs e.g. Complier and interpreter. Other systems applications like the operating system components, drivers, and telecommunication processors process largely indeterminate data. Real-time software:
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30922376-MI0024-Software-Engineering - Sikkim Manipal...

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