CheckPoint Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse

CheckPoint Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse

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When looking at the situation faced in front of Dorfman Pacific, we see a problem presented as a result of substantial growth within a company. The business had simply expanded enough to require much more space. Upon the gathering of this space, the traditional methods the business used to communicate within the warehouse were not proving efficient enough with the rate of business the company was doing. With the surface area that employees working on every day increasing greatly, a new system was needed to provide communication between the employees on the floor and the main office. The only solution here to take advantage of today's technology involves setting up a wireless network within the now-gargantuan sized warehouse. As someone who has worked in the picking field firsthand, I know how difficult it is to look at something printed on a piece of paper and find it in a warehouse, much less in a bin amongst thousands. Having a portable electronic device of some sort would make the job a bit easier, possibly even giving the worker a map to the next location in sequence.
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Unformatted text preview: Incorporating a mass wireless network will allow for a means of communication to these workers at an instantaneous rate. Providing a new wireless networking system into Dorman requires an extensive site survey to be conducted. This site survey will assess the area fully and help decide what technologies are to be implemented amongst the establishment. This particular building will require a total of fifteen wireless access points to provide wireless communication throughout the building. This is an abnormally high number of routers considering the space given, but interference must be accounted for. All of the company's inventory is actually getting in the way of signals being transmitted easily, thus the need for multiple communication points. I would also like to consider PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) as an option for the building, if it may reduce the number of wires that need to be run for the project....
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