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E-mail benefits an organization by providing real-time communication throughout the globe. E- mail can keep employees up to date at the touch of a computer, where a voicemail might even take longer to get through (utilizing a device such as a BlackBerry). A company needs to monitor e-mail use to keep their technology from being abused, as well as save company time. An employee stuck behind their computer communicating with someone at home from their personal email could engulf valuable time that person could be spending being productive. When an email is sent from an organization, it is more than likely passed through a filter that records the message, making it available for reference if said company is ever held liable for some sort of adverse behavior. Instant messaging is also useful, as in my company for example, where I can communicate directly with agents across the nation and have them help me diagnose a problem I'm having with a client's computer from a remote location. Without being able to contact someone directly and have them
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