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Checkpoint TXJ Companies - and thousands of dollars would...

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WEP wireless security is by far the weakest form of wireless encryption today, and hackers have taken advantage of this fact. Upon reading the story I had no idea something of this magnitude happened from something we see so much of today. Wardriving is so common that said persons can drive down the road picking up every wireless signal on a certain route, recording what type it is as well, and come back to that spot later prepared to tap into the network. I learned in an early wireless technologies class the basics of ethical hacking, and it is a good thing the levels of security have stepped up over the years. Had the people at TJX implemented a stronger encryption method immediately as it was available, thousands
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Unformatted text preview: and thousands of dollars would have been saved by the company. Proper site surveying could also have prevented the attackers from making a breach. Stealing as many credit card numbers as mentioned had to cause a lot of economic downfall to each of those cardholders. The company had to lose a lot of money from lawsuits and insurance claims just from this incident. The billion dollars alone mentioned is enough to put a company underwater. Property rights as well as accountability should be applied here. There is a lot of sensitive information in place that shouldn't be let loose in the wrong hands....
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