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Problems Dimensions CheckPoint

Problems Dimensions CheckPoint - Organizations People and...

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Organizations, People, and Information Technology are the 3 dimensions of an information system. Organizations’ information systems are generally tethered to those companies’ specific needs, running a select set of programs, or as the reading states, displaying the organization’s culture. The Blackberry organization, for example, has a unique internal network that all of its consumers are a part of. It is a phenomenal system that I am proud to be a part of. People in an information system represent much more manual labor than technology. People are the true essence of the information system; walking papers from the courthouse to the clerk’s office during the day, or helping people in retail situations obtain products from a store. Technology is today’s essential center of our information systems, and it’s growing more every day. Computers are making day to day tasks easier, so companies are very unlikely to resist the change to automated technology. The networks today are responsible for communicating with one another to
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