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1 So, it turns out that the plagiarism checker was able to detect a 100% match on the article I submitted to Turnitin. If I were delegated to give feedback to a student that turned in this particular paper, I would be forced to think back to some fundamentals, not only of writing, but of life. A 100 percent match informs me that this student has little to no resolve when it comes to academic integrity. Therefore, it needs to be addressed that this student will not take anything from said course, and needs to seriously rethink his/her goals in life. In reference to this week’s readings, this student needs to sit down and be taught (by themselves or another source) what it takes to make it in life. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t set a goal. Even if it’s driving to the store, you had that activity set in mind before you took action. The reading gives excellent reference to goal-setting, beginning with long-term, and fading into short-
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Unformatted text preview: term goals, describing how they must slowly progress toward the long-term goal you have set. Prioritizing goals is mentioned, with my favorite point here being your values. When this student submitted this paper, it is obvious that he/she had absolutely no values in mind when performing the “work”, or lack thereof. If this student doesn’t realize the short-term goal of doing their own, integral work, then said person needs to reconsider the long-term goal of graduating from the school which they had set in mind in the first place. I feel that the criticism needing to be placed on this particular individual needs to be directed more so toward what he/she may want out of life, instead of pointing out the academics of it all, beginning with paraphrasing, citing, and respect, of course. These steps will come later, after the student has a desire within to learn....
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