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1 Distance learning has been an attractive course of action for me for years now. I've attended traditional college (university), as well as technical college, and feel a fool for not choosing to go with something such as U. of Phoenix years ago. Aside from the expected hard work involved, there are too many perks involved to assume anything other than a pleasant learning experience for any of those involved. We get to attend class at our own leisure, allowing plenty of time for other life activities, mine for instance being a father and a hard worker at my place of employment. At this era in my life, this is not only the best choice for me; it's the only choice for me. I have a full set of demands on my plate and intend to handle them adequately, with this school being a driving force for my life. In comparison to traditional college, sitting in from of an instructor listening to a lecture may
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Unformatted text preview: be nice, but in hindsight, I feel using today's technological tools to communicate with a professor directly. Not only are we guaranteed responses from our instructors via forum, e-mail, etc., we have the option of learning from other students' questions thanks to the public viewing feature of our main forum. Beginning class at this point has been everything I've hoped for and expected thus far. I've come across no problems, as expected, and am grateful for such. I'm also quite confident that when a problem comes about, it will be handled in a professional, easy-going fashion that will keep this learning experience enjoyable, and entice me to finish my program as best as possible. I feel I've made an excellent choice in "becoming a Phoenix", and can't wait to see what comes of all this!...
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