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CheckPoint Distance Learning II - would hope that everyone...

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1 Working in the retail services industry, I've come in contact with numerous situations in which I'm forced to show someone the right way to do something. I only have one negative thing to say about face-to-face constructive criticism. When someone is forced to show someone how to do something, the underdog is somewhat forced to feel a sense of confrontation from their supervisor, or co-worker giving the instruction. In our case, we're fortunate enough to all be known to each other only as a set of threads, and equal as such. Thanks to this, I have no qualms whatsoever with anything anyone has to suggest to me about any of my work, and I
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Unformatted text preview: would hope that everyone else in the class feels mutual. In addition, the fact that most, if not all, of the criticism to be displayed in the class will be public imposes what I'll call a bit of "supervision" over the forum. This supervision/public environment tells me that I don't have to worry about a fellow student directing anything to me in a derogatory tone, mainly because if they do (or if I did) he/she/I would in turn look like an antagonist. That being said, I see nothing but good as for what can come of this style of learning as a whole....
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