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I would like my post-graduation resume to include exemplary marks (of course) for the majority of my time during school. Along with good grades, I think we have the opportunity here to really prove ourselves as worthy individuals by showing we have the ability to communicate efficiently through online discussion. I know for a fact I have personally picked up a few useful facts just from reading the replies classmates have been making to other classmates’ posts (not necessarily my own). This type of recognition I can give to my fellow classmates is a bonus provided by this kind of learning environment, which you will not find anywhere else. It would be nice to come out of this program as a well known contributor amongst the public forums, with the good graces of most of my instructors, should I need to provide them as a reference in the future in hopes of obtaining a career goal. Five qualities I possess as an individual are: attention to detail, technical comprehension, exceptional communication skills, strengths in grammar/spelling, and resourcefulness.
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Unformatted text preview: These traits have helped me get through difficult situations in the past, regardless of the work environment. Being in a fast-paced workplace frequently puts me in a place where I must react rapidly; using all of my knowledge the job has offered me to resolve issues. Most of these issues are customer concerns, which need serious attention to detail and quick thinking in order to keep the customer happy and coming back to that establishment as a respected dealer. The last thing a manager needs to see is paperwork with incorrect spelling from an employee trying to take care of a problem for a devoted client. I deeply enjoy handling these instances at my own level, avoiding any involvement from upper management. This not only grants me the respect of the higher-ups, but provides self-satisfaction that I can take care of business quickly and efficiently, while maintaining productivity at the department level....
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