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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon The musical intelligence is by far my strongest suit. I was able to answer honestly and max out this category with 24 points. I started reading music in grade school, learning a little piano, and went on to play the trumpet in middle school band. I stayed with the instrument for 4 years until I switched to percussion in marching band, as it was much more fun and rhythmic. Along with these I can also play nearly every brass instrument made, a little harmonica, and finally getting back around to learning guitar. The first site I listed reiterates what we read about musical intelligence, and goes even farther into the
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Unformatted text preview: subject, for example being able to tell when a note is off key. Here you will also find a list of matching careers, which I am a tad upset that everything listed is in the music industry, almost contradicting the site's entire purpose. The second site actually refers to Gardner's eight forms of intelligence. Again here, the author points only toward musical careers as an option for these type of learners. Finally, the 3rd site actually conducts a study with SAT scores versus what type of music the test-takers listen to. This is very interesting, and even a little humorous, to see a chart of "music that makes you dumb". See for yourself....
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  • Spring '08
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