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Student Survival Guide - Tierney 1 Student Survival Guide...

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Tierney 1 Student Survival Guide Online Resources WritePoint and the Plagiarism Checker are still by far the highest on my list of resources at the CWE. The WritePoint is simply the fastest, most reliable proofreader I’ve ever “met”, and the Plagiarism Checker is a quaint assurance that my work is integral. When using these resources, I found the WritePoint to correct my grammatical errors in a way I haven’t seen Microsoft Word, or any other word processor be able to conquer. The use of punctuation I had never seen either. As for the Plagiarism Checker, I learned how a bit about how the system works, and more importantly, how the percentage factors in. I was surprised how the checker reviewed my work only to give me a percentage that basically said I had copied and pasted some of the work, when I was well aware I had not. Anyhow, I see how it works and hope I can use it to my benefit when needed, for integrity as much as acceptance. The WritePoint tool is the most important weapon in my arsenal at the CWE. I’ve always been the one to correct someone when I hear improper grammar, or even worse, replace the word “saw” with the word “seen” in the most awful manner. As I stated before with the punctuation corrections I received, I expect to learn a lot from what it has to offer; and I’m learning from myself in a sense, so I feel it’s sure to stick. Academic Integrity
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Student Survival Guide - Tierney 1 Student Survival Guide...

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