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Argument 1: The number of lives lost is hardly a just reason for the media uprising that followed the attacks of 9/11. Conclusion: The number of lives lost is no just cause for the huge reaction. Premise: Sheer numbers do not always impress us. This premise hints at the point the writer is trying to make, but needs some supporting evidence if the reader is to be sold. I consider the argument to be valid and deductively strong after reading further. The writer goes on to give examples of past events where much greater lives were lost, however those stories receive but a fraction of the attention received from the 9/11 attacks. I am going to deem the premises true, considering the information given are mostly fact, and not opinion. Argument 2: Conclusion: The malice of the perpetrators is what makes the 9/11 deaths
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Unformatted text preview: so noteworthy. Premise: There is plenty of malice present in the 15,000 homicides that occur every year in the United States. This premise does support the conclusion quite well actually. It takes some deep thinking but when you look at the big picture, it really puts it into perspective. I would consider the argument inductively strong, however a bit weak overall. The writer personally feels that the premise is enough to justify the conclusion, but this is more of an opinion derived from personal opinion than that of the entire society. I will consider this premise plausibly true, based on the density of the argument, but again this is only my opinion, which needs some deductive reasoning before I can give my full validation....
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