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Capstone Checkpoint - and being strong about my opinion...

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Critical Thinking has already inspired a whole new thinking process in the workplace for me. When talking with managers, ever since beginning this class, I noticed my responses and conversations becoming more professional, and rapport being built on levels I had not reached before with my superiors. Reading information involves a different process than before for me personally. When looking at figures on paper at work, for example, I don't just glance at the numbers and their meanings as before and try to remember them. I go ahead and give myself a full page preview and go through the main points of particular handouts, then go back and fill in what's missing from the equation with all the variables. Immediately now, I start to try and develop ways to implement growth in needed areas and provide my input. I've always considered myself a strong writer, but now I am much more prone to leaning as far as possible
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Unformatted text preview: and being strong about my opinion when making my points. As far as processing information, like i stated before, I immediately start to think ahead when presented with a question or information. Promoting growth, adding to a situation, or increasing morale always ensures positive results in a work environment, especially. When reading articles, watching television, or listening to a sales pitch, applying critical thinking skills provides an overview of what is going on by questioning the side of an argument that you do not agree with fully. By standing firm on a position you disagree with, for example, you force debaters of the opposite side to provide the strongest positive points possible to persuade you to feel otherwise. When faced with an argument you agree with, you are able to help promote the cause by voicing your own opinion and adding your own ideas to the belief....
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