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The commercials I decided to watch were paid for by the people at Pedigree, and Progressive. I went with these examples because I am familiar with the companies, and thought it would be fun to analyze them for the class. I think the position in the commercials is pretty straight-forward. The only underlying meaning these ads give off are to stay away from the competitors' products, and stick with these leading brands. These examples show that as a society we are gullible to get sucked in to watching an advertisement if what we see is appealing to the eye. As long as we stay tuned in long enough to catch the name of the service being offered, the seed of someone's interest sparking enough to inquire about the service is planted, and the purpose of the commercial is served. I can give full credibility to the commercials I watched about motorcycle insurance and dog food. Just the fact that I haven't heard of any scandals about these companies keeps them off my list of things to stay away from. Insurance is what it is, and if it happens to be offered somewhere else at a different price, it
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