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Capital Punishment, in my opinion, is an entirely justifiable form of consequences under the right circumstances. Some crimes out there are simply horrific, and the idea of someone that has a desire to commit such a crime should not deserve to live. Keeping a person imprisoned for life even; Who would want to fund such a person to be alive for an unknown amount of years, not only causing a personal burden, but just a small piece of a very detrimental pie brought upon the economy. It actually surprises me a little that we have states in our own nation that do practice the death penalty, and some that don’t. I just believe we should have a stance on many issues as a nation, and not necessarily decided by the states. The instance described in the podcast was clearly an administration of capital punishment gone wrong. Do I think the death penalty needs to be abolished based on such an instance like this? No. I feel that the people in charge here were simply uneducated in what they were doing. Something like a lethal
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