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This comic strip demonstrates a case of embezzlement and insider information being used in a malicious way. Anita in the comic strip gives the idea of stealing from the company a second look. Any hesitation at all on the matter is dangerous. Not only should a person have a firm stance on what to do when placed in a position such as this, but this is just one instance of the option of stealing being placed in front of someone. Stealing is stealing, and a person should know immediately that it is wrong. Anita was out of money here, and sat at her desk pondering what she knew and how to act upon it. She used some logic to decide what to do rather than have a moral stance and flat out follow through, or decline the idea of stealing from the company. Had this been a moral decision, Anita would have considered turning her friend in to the company as soon as she learned of the adversary activities going on within the company.
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