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Tierney Exercise 7.9 2. c. The weather in this instance cannot be guaranteed. Even though this argument has a valid premise, the conclusion is reliant upon undetermined variables. 3. b. Granted most old vehicles are not the best gas efficient vehicles, there are all kinds of modifications out there such as making a vehicle extremely aerodynamic that can drastically improve gas mileage. I may give this question an answer of "a" if I knew the details of the aforementioned "overhaul". 4. c. Obviously this statement is talking about an election, which is decided by the people. With so many people voting and the numbers changing every day, it can't be guaranteed that a Republican from Iowa will not be given the Republican nomination for president. 6. a. Nothing short of a cellular-industry meltdown can prevent the premise of this argument to continue the growth of cell phone use.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. b. There is always the possibility that students at a particular school are simply putting more into their own education and making that school look better. 8. c. Had this premise been true, then the argument would be true beyond a reasonable doubt, because there are more residents in CT than CA. The premise here is simply weak, and needs more evidence. 10. c. Quite an argument. This is an experiment we would not truly know the outcome of until conducted. With the use of these drugs going on every day anyhow, legalization may provide a sense of regulation, for example, possibly curbing their abuse. 11. b. With the valiant attendance record of the kid delivering the paper, it is quite possible that the paper is just late. However the possibility that the child is sick or immobile this particular day still lingers....
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