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I intend to use stay as basic as possible while still catching the viewer’s eye in my PowerPoint presentation. I plan to stay with black fonts as much as possible, only changing the colors if it helps lay out a point I am trying to make. As for design, I don’t prefer using templates, I like things to be custom. I will take the orientation given for slides and move the text boxes around to fit what I am trying to do, as well as applying custom backgrounds to the slides. The colors and images included in the program are not really my taste. The colors seem to clash and the images are as cartoon as can be.
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Unformatted text preview: As my proposal is for an advertisement company, I will try to find images of billboards, big screen televisions in public setting, etc., to throw in the presentation and let everyone know what methods are used in today’s world. If I do decide to go with a template for my slideshow, I am going to have to scour the internet in search of a design that works with what we are doing. I noticed a “Quiz Show” template in the library, for example, so that one simply will not go with a professional business proposal....
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