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I use the right-click feature a lot when I use a computer. Two tips I can give regarding using MS Word that were not included in the tips provided both involve using the right-click. First off, when starting a new document, I like to right click directly next to the blinking cursor at the beginning of the page and click “Paragraph…” I do this so I can apply double spacing (and any other special attributes, such as margins) to the entire document before I begin, thus preventing any discrepancies later on in the paper with spacing. Secondly, the thesaurus is mentioned in the guides, but a more simple way to use it was not. If I get stumped while writing, and notice a word I have repeated one too many times, I can simply right-click it, hover over “Thesaurus”, and synonym suggestions immediately pop out to next to
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Unformatted text preview: my cursor, allowing me to change my highlighted word with one more simple click. Margins and spacing are most essential in keeping a paper together. These are most often overlooked and result in negative feedback. Aside from these, font choice, proper use of headings, and sometimes footnotes make for a very appeasing paper to read. Most of what I have stated in this passage is more essential to an academic paper than a business document. These are factors in a paper that follow a strict set of guidelines, and are absolutely necessary to receive full credit. Business documents are more sensitive to the use of columns, which were laid out quite well in the course materials, as well as break margins, where the writer may need to display information in a certain way throughout the page to make for easier understanding....
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