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1 Alongside the Plagiarism Checker and WritePoint, I found a multitude of services and resources within the Center for Writing Excellence for us to use as students. Filled with guidelines and samples, I also came across several wizards to make writing easier. Of course the usual sample outline/bibliography pages were available, but these writing wizards truly caught my eye. From resumes to essays, the writing wizards walk you, the writer, step-by-step through a process that seamlessly turns into the journey of writing as the ending prevails. I would like to consider myself an experienced writer at the least, but these walkthroughs (just glancing, and running through them) began to give me a refresher course like you wouldn’t believe. Guidelines for APA, as well as essays are present, providing basic syntax and structure for anything we have to write. One notable resource was the assistance for writing to those who cannot even speak English. First, the thought that this is plausible enough for such a channel to
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