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Cold War lecture outline

Cold War lecture outline - Cold War lecture outline Cold...

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Cold War lecture outline 2/18/10 Cold War geopolitics 1) After WWII, capitalism and communism became competing systems in a world dominated by the U.S. and Soviet Union. The Cold War divided the world. 2) The Soviet Union created a sphere of influence in the eastern European countries it occupied, annexing some and consolidating others in the Warsaw Pact (1955–1991). 3) The Truman Doctrine established a U.S. policy of containment : preventing Communism from spreading farther than the USSR, China and Eastern Europe. 4) As the U.S. and USSR built up massive nuclear arsenals, they were dissuaded from attacking each other directly by their Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD.) 5) This led to ‘proxy wars ’ and an unprecedented number of military coups d’état. 6) Both the U.S. (CIA) and Soviets interfered in other states using covert operations . 7) In the wake of decolonization, the two superpowers (U.S. and the Soviet Union) attempted to exert influence over the independent Third World states.
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