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Computer lecture outline

Computer lecture outline - Computers lecture outline I II...

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Computers lecture outline 3/2/10 I. Post-Fordism II. Computers III. Internet I. Post-Fordism Computers provided a technological response to the economic crises of the 1970s. In the 1970s the Fordist model of mass production fell apart: A global economic crisis struck, which ended the post-war Golden Age in the West. Productivity slowed down, the cost of raw materials skyrocketed, profits declined and unemployment rose as workers clashed with employers over wages and job security. The international division of labor ended; East-Asia and Latin America industrialized. Historians and social scientists use the term ‘Post-Fordism’ to describe the era after 1973: * Flexible, just-in-time production (managed by computers) won out over heavy industry. * Labor unions were weakened and job security declined. * Women entered massively into the work force. * Globalization of industry and finance * Information became a valuable commodity in the new ‘knowledge economy’.
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