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Eugenics and racism lecture outline 1/26/10 I. Eugenics II. Scientific racism and anti-miscegenation laws III. Sterilization IV. Extermination I. Eugenics 1) ‘Eugenics’ was first coined by the British scientist Francis Galton in 1883. 2) It is based on these ideas:___________________________________________ 3) Many eugenicists took inspiration from the selective breeding of animals (where purebreds are often strived for) as their analogy for improving human society. 4) Genetics appeared to explain the cause of human social problems like poverty, alcoholism, prostitution or criminality, as the inheritance of bad genes. 5) ‘Positive eugenics’ encourages ‘quality’ births, health care, welfare and fitness in the population. ‘Negative eugenics’ seeks to eliminate sources of ‘bad’ genes. 6) Eugenic ideas led to political movements and laws in several nations. In the wake of WWI, many were worried about the strength and quality of national populations. II.
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