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Rock and Roll lecture outline

Rock and Roll lecture outline - Rock and Roll lecture...

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Rock and Roll lecture outline 2/9/10 I. Postwar Golden Age II. Global youth culture III. 1968 movements I. The postwar Golden Age 1) After WWII, many people feared a repeat of the economic collapse that followed WWI. Instead the Western developed countries experienced thirty years of unprecedented prosperity, often called the Golden Age. 2) The US came out of the war in an economically dominant position, but soon Europe and Japan, then South/East Asian countries began to compete. 3) The economic boom was a result of technological innovation, and mass consumer spending. Consumer goods such as refrigerators, cars, TVs, and washing machines gradually became ‘necessities’ and new models appeared constantly. II. Global Youth Culture 1) As a result of a global baby boom, by the 1960s a high percentage of the world population was young (today 27% of the population is between 15-24 years old.) 2) Mass education spread hugely in the 1950s and 60s. The number of students multiplied by 4-5 times in Germany, 7-9 times in Spain and Norway.
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