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WWII lecture outline

WWII lecture outline - World War II lecture outline I II...

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World War II lecture outline 2/2/10 I. World war II. Japanese Empire III. Mass killing of civilians: Firebombing and Hiroshima IV. Casualties of WWII I. World War 1) World War II was the last global war for empire. 2) New imperial campaigns caused the war: the German Empire in Eastern Europe and the Japanese empire in Asia. Once again, the stakes were global dominance. 3) Colonies seeking independence aligned themselves with one of the warring powers. In the Middle East, for example, some Arab nationalists and one Jewish group in Palestine aligned themselves with the Nazis (despite their racism) to fight against British colonial occupation. Others joined the British army against Germany/Italy. II. Japanese Empire 1) As a result of the Great Depression, a nationalist military government took power in Japan. It sought to acquire an empire based on European models. 2) When Western countries embargoed Japan, Japan expanded farther into China and Southeast Asia to guarantee a supply of food, oil and raw materials for industry.
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