Info Technology unit 11 - An Error A Known Error A Problem...

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1. What process provides users with general information, addresses complaints or accepts comments and feedback from users? (Points :10) Incident Management Service Desk Request Fulfillment Problem Management 2. What model provides predefined steps to consistently handle frequent requests? (Points :10) Request Model Incident Model Change Model Event Model 3. What process prevents recurrence and occurrence of Incidents by eliminating the root cause? (Points :10) Incident Management Event Management Availability Management Problem Management 4. What is a Problem that has a documented root cause and a workaround? (Points :10) Error Unknown Error Known Error Solution 5. What assists in reducing or eliminating the impact of an Incident or Problem for which a full Resolution is not yet available? (Points :10) Solution Fix
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Known Error Workaround 6. What is the unknown cause of one or more Incidents? (Points :10)
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Unformatted text preview: An Error A Known Error A Problem An Unknown Error 7. What process grants authorized users the right to use a service? (Points :10) Event Management Access Management Request Management Security Management 8. This function provides a single point of contact (SPOC) on a day-to-day basis for users to report Incidents? (Points :10) Incident Management Call Center Service Desk Help Desk 9. What function helps plan, implement and maintain a stable technical infrastructure? (Points :10) Facilities Management Infrastructure Management Operation Management Technical Management 10. What function achieves stability of the organizations day-to-day processes and activities? (Points :10) Technical Management IT Operations Management IT Operations Control Infrastructure Management...
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Info Technology unit 11 - An Error A Known Error A Problem...

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