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Unformatted text preview: from a FR and ATM environment to an IP VPN — Teleworker lower connection costs by 20%-25% per month over traditional dial up & ISDN. • Use of Standard Protocols – Internet Protocol IP and IPsec provide needed standardization. • Simplification of Maintenance and Support – Reducing scalability issues and management complexity simplifies network operation. VPN IPsec IKE v2 TLS M. Mogollon – 01/08 - 10 • A person traveling to Paris, for example, could make phone calls from his laptop or transfer his calls to his laptop. 10 VPN, IPSec and TLS What is IPsec? IPsec / (1) A suit of security protocols standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that address data privacy, integrity, authentication, and key management, as well as, tunneling to TCP/IP networks. (2) A secure architecture that supports several applications that encrypt and/or authenticate all traffic at the IP level. VPN IPsec IKE v2 TLS M. Mogollon – 01/08 - 11 • IPsec provides security services at the IP layer by enabling a system to select required security protocols, determine the algorithm(s) to use for the service(s), and put in place any cryptographic keys required to provide the requested services. • IPsec can be used to protect one or more "paths" between a pair of communicating hosts, between a pair of communicating security gateways, or between a security gateway and a host. The term security gateway refers to an intermediate system that implements IPsec protocols. For example, a router or a firewall implementing IPsec is a security gateway. • IPsec provides the following security services: data origin authentication, access control, confidentiality (encryption), connectionless integrity, rejection of replayed packets (a form of partial sequence integrity), and limited traffic flow confidentiality. 11 VPN, IPSec and TLS Why IPsec • IPsec-compliant products allow secure Virtual Private Networks in any existing IP-based network. • IPsec is based on several strong encryption standards. • IPsec provides security services such as: data origin authentication, access control, c...
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